These are a few of my favorite things…..


What a dreary day today is, so what a better way to spend it at work.  Things are slow today so i have a bit of time to update this blog and my pinterest account with various items i would absolutely LOVE in my home.  I like older things as you can tell, I would love to learn how to paint piece of furniture to make them look rustic but alas i don’t have the time.  Once the kids are older i’ll have all the time in the world but right now they need me to read freckle juice to them in bed before they go to sleep.  And i know one day i’ll long for those days that i have spent with them.  By then i’m hoping they have children of their own.  i’m not going to be one of those grandparents that feel “they’ve done their time” (we all know you know that grandparent, especially our generation) HELL NO, i’m going to be the grandparent that begs to take the kids off my children’s hands to give them a night of rest or a weekend getaway.

Anywho, Today i have this feeling, a gut feeling if you will, that something is going to happen.  usually this is a bad thing that happens so don’t get all excited. no i’m not going to come into money and now i’m magically NOT going to shed 20 lbs.  which i need to but i’m well on my way, you hear me, well on my way!  something awful will happen today, and this awful may happen more than once, there could be something within my family (drama, not unusual for my family) or someone will die. And i know people die everyday, but these feelings i get are usually in tune with more well know people; at least to me.  I really just wish i could tap into this ability and find out what the issue is before it actually happens so i don’t have this feeling up until it occurs.

words of wisdom today: “never look a gift pop in the mouth”  suck on that everyone, good day.






About apocketfullofsunshine78

oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

2 responses to “These are a few of my favorite things…..”

  1. MissPuke says :

    hmm.. I got a feeling, too. :-/

  2. apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

    and to top it i just want a veg out night, and THAT’S not going to happen:(

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