What has your GOVERNMENT done to you, America….

Brace yourselves this could be a LONG post.  I have quite a few things to say about this topic today. First let me give you a bit of info i think we have all forgotten that our government works for US, we don’t work for them. Yes they make laws to better serve us, our safety yadda yadda.  moving on….

My first question….why on earth does anyone watch fox news, for information? they are a bunch of liars people. and i know all news station have to pick a side, i get it they all do it, blah blah.  BUT when the other news stations pick sides, they do it with some class. they are well informed, they aren’t spewing lies, they are spewing FACTS. And that is the difference.  so if you are among the sheep who are still watching faux news please do us all a favor and stick your head in an oven and just end it.  b/c really you are the cause of them still being able to broadcast this shit, and yes it’s purely shit.  please fox tell me again how chris christie is a great politician and how all us lefties are a bunch of morons for wanting a better education for our children, please tell me that my tax dollars are better spent lining my governors wallet, which in turn buys food for his fat ass!

The new “issue” turning heads and getting everyone panties in a bunch is this law that is going into effect in NJ,  the legalization of medicinal marijuana.  number one it should be completely legalized, if alcohol is legalized then why isn’t weed. hell why isn’t everything for that matter, but i understand that people in general do not like change so, little changes here and there adhere to the masses mentality better than all at once.  In fact the whole reason (that your government will not tell you) that marijuana was banned is because of our wonderful lumber companies….let me add a disclaimer….this part of my rant and majority of my rant is FACT, not hear say not made up, FACT!  hemp is a wonderful useful thing, it’s natural and can be used in multiple ways.  examples include but do not limit to : clothing, paper, fishing bait, building material and medicinal.  yes that’s right medicinal and to all you uninformed idiots out there, A. hemp/marijuana does not kill, B. it’s not a gateway drug, C. does not make you angry, and did i mention it won’t kill you.  It literally WILL NOT kill you, unlike the stuff that is on the market that is legal and that we can own firearms while using and CAN kill you.  examples: alcohol, methadone, oxycotton, paxil, codiene, TYLENOL,  roofies (flunitrazepam), the list can go on and on.  My point….when i post on facebook or twitter or my fucking blog that shits going to be legalized, do not come at me with your petty attempts of disproving me. or telling me why it shouldn’t be, your arguments are simple, and there are no actual facts behind these claims.  “it will lead to crime, killings, i won’t be able to own a gun”  no asshole it won’t, that’s your brainwashing talk thanks to your  government. of course there will be talk of something becoming legal and then something taken away.  let me let you in on a secret, this is what you are told to detour you from voting the smart way.  i’m not even goingto explain that last comment because clearly if you don’t get what i’m saying YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY!

Healthcare…..really people you honestly are telling me you’d rather pay a monthly fee of $300 and above for insurance (that won’t fully cover you, when you need it to) when we can totally give this to you for free. sure we’d have to cut the salaries of government officials to get the money and sure we’d have to pay taxes on it and sure we may have to legalize something that WON”T hurt you, but guess what if you were smart and elected officials in that are SMART with money ( and not greedy, good luck) they would know that the taxes would not have to be raised (due to the legalization of marijuana) and they wouldn’t have to be raised if EVERYONE in the government didn’t get paid as much as they do.  please no comparisons to europe or canada because if you haven’t directly been effected by their health care and you are again going off what you read on the internet and what you have seen on fox news, the oven is your best option.  don’t worry you’ll just fall asleep no pain…..

Obama, yes i voted for him. yes i wish he would stop tiptoeing around stupid ass tea baggers, and the republican party.  no i do not think the country is worse off when he came in, he was handed a box of SHIT people, thanks to your ignorance(voting for an idiot two terms), and you expect him to turn it to gold in 4 years.  when we’ve had 8 years of shit collection.  you assholes, you impatient assholes,  do you really think that all our problems are going to be solved with a blink of an eye.  MAYBE if we could all work as a team instead of this divided country things could get done.  “divided we fall” did everyone for get that line.  If i hear one more idiot say that democrats are the reason we have no jobs, the reason we have no money, etc i will scream.  did everyone forget about Clinton and our SURPLUS?  and who’s mess did clinton clean up?  it’s time for the party that cleans up the messes to stop playing nice and remind these ignorant fools who runs shit right in this country. And really when are we going to get an independent in there?

i’m not going into capitalism b/c the system we have right now is NOT capitalism.  look it up, and wikipedia is not always a reliable source.  I wasn’t sure how i was going to end this post becuase really i can go on and on and on about this crap but i’ll stop here and save it for another day of blogging.

good day to you!


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4 responses to “What has your GOVERNMENT done to you, America….”

  1. MissPuke says :

    communism 4eva!!!!!

    and i like to call roofies ‘rapies’. 🙂

  2. Georgia says :

    And good day to you as well.

    Thinking about blogging myself…would someone read it?? Not sure…

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