Again with the Monday’s

Happy monday everyone. All the kids have off today which is understandable since this is a major day in history.  Too bad they all aren’t aware this is the day we came in and stole land from innocent people. Blood was spilled and things were stolen, including virtue. But we aren’t going to get into all that. Hell, we aren’t going to get into history at all. I just want to know who decided that schools, banks, and government employees get off today while the rest of us have to work?  New rule people, if there is a holiday that all these people get off then the rest of us should have off as well, and PAID time off at that.  If you disagree, you’re probably among the 1% who i don’t give two shits about.

I woke up this morning and thought to myself  yes, no getting kids ready, or making breakfast, no screaming, just taking my time and getting ready for work.   About 5 minutes after my eyes opened the egg burps came.  and if you don’t know what i’m speaking of then i’m afraid you are not human, and in turn, i’d very much like to be your friend. Directly after the egg burps the cramps came, as they have been, all weekend so awful that i had to take advil every day this weekend.  But sadly nothing came of those cramps as of 12pm today, my body is apparently unhappy with me and wants to torture me this month.  Now with these egg burps they are so gross they actually make me want to barf.  Let me take the time right now to tell you that I absolutely HATE puking.  I’ve been at work for about 4 hours now and guess who decided to pay me a visit at work….no cramps, a surprise visit! thanks.  The egg burps are slowly dying down, and now i’m wishing i was home with everyone else WHO HAS OFF TODAY!!!!

But this isn’t exactly what i wanted to talk about today……but the events thus far has brought us to this point.  Monday’s still very much suck, and i want to be home.



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One response to “Again with the Monday’s”

  1. MissPuke says :

    not everyone had off today!! haha
    i know what you mean, though.

    and cramps are the worst! 😦

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