Let’s talk music

It’s the basic cliche, music is my life, i can’t do anything with out music, blah blah.  Well, yeah that’s how i feel.  And really i can listen to it all not so much country and i can only take one or two songs without vocals but other than those two i love it all.  and if you really think about it music is in everything.  When i thought of a concept for my book, i was listening to a song. It wasn’t the greatest song in the world but it inspired me.  And yeah, i’ll like most of the popular songs that are on alt nation xm, or on regular FM,so sorry if that’s not INDIE enough for you, but i can’t punish my ears like that. I love indie, emo, hardcore, and screamo don’t get me wrong, but my ears aren’t prejudice. Well, not really, now i’m not one to fall right in line with the mass media wants us to listen too, and yes my favorite bands are most likely ones you’ve never heard of but i do enjoy maroon 5, brittney spears, train, and hell i LOVE seal!  what’s my point?  none really, just letting you all know how much i love music, as i sit here typing this blog listening to the latest jimmy eat world.  there’s a band that i’ve loved since 1996, fantastic band.  bands like j.e.w. will be around for a long time. you may not agree with me when i make this next statement but let me just inform you, i don’t give a shit what you have to say, this is my blog **sticks tongue out** if bands like aerosmith, or the rollingstones can be around for over 30 years, i sure as hell think j.e.w will be as well. they are that good.  now for all the people who don’t agree with me i’m sorry but maybe you need to get your ears checked, or just go ahead and chop them off b/c really they are of no use to you, they have failed you.

Now there are artist that i just can’t stand**cough**ROD FUCKING STEWART, nickelback, CREED,stevie nicks and hall n oates are the first two that come to mind.  lets break this down shall we rod stewart, really who thinks this guy has talent?  please let me know, please i’m begging you because my TONE DEAF step father can sing better than that man.  did he suck too many dicks in his day that ruined his esophagus?  why hasn’t he removed his twin brother from his face yet? this are the question i ask you, WHY?!?!?! nickelback…..NICKLEBACK really could there possible be a more generic band? Creed, i can safety say this is teh most talentless band i have ever heard, how they got as famous as they were is beyond my understanding but for those of you who actually like this band, i think you have never actually heard good music and i’m sad for you 😦 Stevie nicks, what a waste of space, her mother should have aborted her straight away.  way to ruin fleetwood mac you no talent hag.  do i need to say more?  hall n fucking oates, talk about elevator music, jesus h christ my ears bleed just thinking about those schmucks! Really john oates, you know about a man eater, no woman in her right mind would find your g.o.p. ass attractive, we all know hall was the better choice!

Now seriously, can we all agree rod stewart needs to go away forever, possible lose the ability to make a single sound?!?!?!


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