This is Halloween….

Has anyone noticed how crazy everyone has been this month?  I mean really who blames a company for taxes their government is making them pay?  Who tells someone that it’s their responsibility to make sure they have the right address when you placed your order online, really i don’t have time for call 1000’s of customers a day to make sure they aren’t stupid enough to put a wrong address down.  and who in their right mind would call up and tell a customer service rep that their art is okay as is (even though a designer told them it would look like dog shit) and then call back up(after they receive their order) and say why does my art look so bad, i want a refund.   Really people, i’m trying to support a family while your trying to get shit for free, and YOU fucked up…..tell me how fair that is that i’m working my ass off daily to satisfy your musically needs and you in return want to steal money out of MY pocket……nope, sorry, try again.  oh and put your FUCKING TEETH IN!

Dear self righteous drivers, when i am coming down the rt 90 ramp and you are 5 car lengths behind me in the right hand lane, why would you speed up to 75 to make sure i don’t get all the way over to a lane you are not in?  And then you look at me like i’m crazy when i miss my turn and roll down my window to tell you i hope you die of an heart attack. I know some of you are saying, “man, that’s kinda uncalled for, isn’t it?”  NO, no it’s fucking not.  what is uncalled for are these assholes who think they own the fucking road.  i pay taxes too, it’s my road as much as it is anyone ele’s.  Another pet peeve, USE YOUR BLINKER!!!!  If you are turning i expect to see that blinking light EXACTLY 100 ft. before you goddamn turn.  How do these people pass the driving test?  Stop signs require you to stop, not pause, not slow to 25 and keep going. If you are at a 4 way stop everyone gets a turn, not 5 people turning right then finally the person on the other side of the street can turn right, it’s one at a time people and, MY TIME IS MORE FUCKING PRECIOUS THAN YOURS!!!!!!!  Highways, big rigs stay to your fucking right, old people GET OFF THE ROAD, and indy 500, i wish i was that cool guys, try not to kill a mess of people b/c you’re an idiot.

Yesterday i received an email, a forward from my ex boss who CLEARLY still has it out for me.  So i had to put through this rework, no biggie, we do this daily.  BUT for some reason yesterday it was a problem the way we put it back through.  so now here’s the part where i tell you a little bit about what the fuck i’m talking about, when we have a reorder ( a job that is ordered more than once) and we are changing the art, we have to assign it a new art master ( a number which we give each individual projects so it’s easier to find). for a REWORK (which is a fuck up, or a customer who is unhappy with their product we rerun for free) if we have to change art we simple delete the old file and put the new updated file into the new sales order number that is assigned( the sales order number is just another number we use to keep things in order). Well, captain asshole no brain pants, emails my boss to tell him i set up the rework wrong and that i needed to assign it a new art master.  Ummmmm, if i do that it will delete all the changes i made to fix the problem…..well to appease the little shit( and really he’s a midget) i did what he asked and guess what I HAD TO FIX THE ART ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!  so at this point i’m livid.  so i vent to my wonderful husband, and he goes “what, we aren’t supposed to change the art master for a rework!” so i thanked him for confirming his boss is a fucking moron, and then he goes wait is that the jacket i’ve been waiting for that’s been sitting on Jeff’s desk…….WHY IS IT SITTING ON JEFF”S DESK IT HAS TO GO OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!  oh that’s right because jeff is so far up his bosses ass that he fails to remember how to do his job…..turns out instead of doing his job he was shit talking me for 2 hours…….and this brings me to my point, don’t hate on me because i got for things in life, b/c i’m younger,a woman, and have more ambition to get the hell out of a shitty situation whilst you are still stuck there!

To end on a friendly note….I got my Jane Jetson costume!!!!!  i’m so stoked, and have been losing weight to look extra NOT GROSS in it! The party we are going to have will be epic and i can’t wait.  I think we’ll be doing this yearly so if you are missing out this year there is always next year!


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One response to “This is Halloween….”

  1. MissPuke says :

    yay jane jetson!! 😀

    and ‘captain asshole no brain pants’ made me giggle.

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