They are BAAAACK………


It’s official the goodness is back, they are probably the best apple you will EVER eat!!!!  Even after getting screamed at by an angry customer for 10 minutes straight due to DHL  and there country’s duties, i’m still so happy i ate that DELICIOUS apple. Let me take a moment to describe the taste for you all.  One part tart, one part sweet, 2 parts crisp, 2 parts juice, and 15 parts of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  who could ask for anything more.  I sure can’t, and I sure wouldn’t.  The sad thing is they only come around for literally1 to 2 months a year, for the rest of the time you’ll just have to deal with the mediocre apples (just use a lot of peanut butter and you’ll be fine).    Now i could go on and on about the deliciousness of these gems but i won’t bore you, we will move on to other subjects now.

Steve Jobs died last night, news break at 10pm the only truth fox news has spread this year. I was sad, and not because i knew the guy personally but b/c he was one of my heros.  He was the one responsible for the rebirth of apple, he was responsible for all the products apple puts out that people so long for.  Yeah they are expensive but guess what you get what you pay for so shut the front door, QUALITY, people, is worth something and it’s expensive, get over it.  He was also responsible for the droids, not directly but it’s like game systems, (PS came out with an awesome system but shit games, and then BAM microsoft comes out with the xbox). So i guess what i’m trying to say here all these electronics, the older versions and the ones that other companies worked off of to make a better product, all came from an idea from someone else.  Steve Jobs is that man, and I loved that man and his genius! He will be very missed and something or someone will have to fill this vacancy in my heart for heros.  I just hope that he trained someone to take his place, properly.

Next order of business BULLYING.  Seriously, when my 5 year old comes home and tells me that some second grader is telling him, “his time is numbered”, and then slaps him in the face.  two days in a row so what’s my advice to my son you ask…..(maybe you didn’t but i’m going to let you know anyhow)…i told him to hit him back. Go ahead tell me i’m wrong,  i don’t give two shits how you raise your child but i will let you know this, if you let ANYONE walk all over you and do NOT stand up for yourself  you have just set the bar for the rest of your life, especially your school years.  Of course as a good parent you should also inform the school, which we did by talking to the principal, there should be a no tolerance for any bullying in ANY school, which is the policy at my son’s school. Needless to say the problem is in the process of being solved.  The only thing i’m worried about is if a child is saying stuff like this to another child at such a young age where is he learning this? and sure you can say t.v., video games, other kids but really i think it has to do with your parenting skills (let me mention here he also told my son to shut the fuck up, you piece of shit) at this point i’m a bit concerned for the other child, will he get a beat down tonight from his parents for being in trouble, or will he be verbally abused at home.  YES, verbal abuse is a real thing, and it’s damaging!  So to the parents out there that think tough love is the way to go, i say go to hell your children needs your love and support and they do not deserved to be called a piece of shit, EVER!

Now i bit you all farewell today, have a wonderful day:)


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2 responses to “They are BAAAACK………”

  1. MissPuke says :

    are they really sweet apples? i like really tart apples. and they have to be super hard, too. i hate soft apples.

    fury and i had apples and strawberries for breakfast this morning 🙂

  2. apocketfullofsunshine78 says :

    did you not read my description they are tart and sweet combined to perfection, and they are crisp not soft. I too hate soft apples if i wanted to eat mush i’d eat apple sauce. they are the BEST apples in the ENTIRE world. go out and buy one, i guarantee you will NOT regret it 🙂

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