I should have waited.

so much has happened within the span of 60 minutes.  first off i’d like to say FUCK YOU capital beverage vendor. all i wanted was a cup noodle, i got all happy it was wednesday the day you refill our machines but when i got up there guess what absolutely NO cup noodles.  really?!  the one thing you sell out on constantly and you failed on replacing it.  get over it chrissy, fuck you no!  i am in customer service, i am now the customer how dare you dictate what i want to buy from your shitty over priced machine.  sure i could waste my gas(my over 3 fucking dollars gas) and go to wawa and pick up a cup noodles, and if i knew the guy who refills the machine was going to be a DICK and not refill the machine with the things EVERYONE buy i would have done just that, ON MY WAY TO WORK!  too bad i have to work on my fucking psychic abilities a bit more.

here’s the other issue that happened since my last blog post…..the goddamned a/c. it’s 68 degrees outside, who fucking decided to NOT turn off the a/c in this building? i wanted to turn on the HEAT yesterday but opted for a nice low bill month from pseg! and the best part is we are about to have a town meeting tomorrow at work and i bet you 1 trillion dollars they are going to tell us the christmas bonuses won’t be much if anything at all. but they can throw 75,000 dollars a fucking month out the fucking window for fucking air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!! one day, one FUCKING day i’d like to wear weather appropriate clothing to work, considering even during the 100 plus degree weather this summer i still had a fucking sweat shirt on at my desk and was STILL FREEZING!!!  give me my fucking bonus, and i want the full fucking amount dicks!

one more thing if you are a customer, do not call me up expecting shit for free, fuck you! and for the love of everything you truly believe in do not call me and go on this rant about how you need your c.d. but when i ask for an order number you don’t have it on you. YOU ARE NOT the only customer we deal with, ass hat!  and don’t blame me for your obvious mistakes. your mother should of had a god damn abortion, you waste of fucking life!


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