Holy Hell Batman

Sometimes i wish i had the ability to use the force.  i wouldn’t abuse this ability. i would be one the the few on earth that would use it for good. and i know what you’re thinking, the power will go to your head chrissy, no, no it wouldn’t. today is one of those days when i need the force, i can’t concentrate correctly.  this morning i work up got the kids ready and took a look around the house, and surprise surprise it’s a GD mess.  I tried everyone i tried to stay positive on this post but jesus christ why can’t anyone else clean up the fucking house. how can you fill up a dishwasher and not start it, how can you use the bathroom to do your hair not not clean it out of the sink or the floor? and how on earth can possibly stay sane with shit all over  your counters.  the fucking clutter is what is killing me, why must we save every piece of paper? from now on everyone, the paper goes in the trash, the shit will not be on my counters find a new place for your pocket books, and your hoodies, and your snacks, that’s why i bought the house.  for the ample amounts of cabinets, USE THEM!  so watch out house, i’m going home cleaning and putting up halloween decorations, someone else will be making dinner tonight i have shit to do! and i don’t want to hear about how sick some people feel, YOU’RE ALWAYS SICK!!!!!

Moving on…. but not really…..since school has begun i have NO TIME to do anything.  I am constantly working from 6:38 am until 8:38 pm. and during that time i’ll catch about 30 minutes of uninterrupted “mommy time”.  i don’t know how much longer i can be as pleasant as i am with this schedule. I am literally making breakfast, lunch, AND dinner and straightening up daily.  joe is doing all the laundry and dishes during the day and working at night.  My dad is watching the kids for us and repairing our house along with building a fort. so it’s not like i think i’m the only one doing anything, i know i’m not.  honestly i’m just bitching i know it’s not so bad,  my children have the best father one could ask for, and i have the best husband a girl could ask for.  nothing is perfect and i wouldn’t want it to be, i just wish we could both be on the same schedule having what i consider the perfect life.


that’s all for today, my incoherent thought process that somehow makes sense…..to me….. enjoy your hump day 😛


About apocketfullofsunshine78

oh i don't know it's like a got a pocket full of sunshine and it's all mine.

One response to “Holy Hell Batman”

  1. MissPuke says :

    i wish i could use the force, too. i’d use it to bring cans of coke to me, so i didn’t have to get up. or turn the light on or off.

    basically, i’d become jabba the hut.

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