just common courtsey…..

…that’s all i’m asking for. when you are walking in the mall or down the street, what in your brain makes it okay to stop in the middle of the walk way to talk to your friends. really who does that? and don’t give me ‘tude when i tell you to move the fuck out of my way.

is it cool to talk over me, wait until i’m finished. i don’t have much to say, for the most part i’m pretty quiet. And please if i’m in the middle of typing or watching a movie and i’m not looking directly at you why would you start a conversation with me. are the kids hurt? did someone die, was there a car accident somewhere, plane crash, a fucking earthquake…..no….then shut up i’m busy.

i think the biggest pet peeve i have is people who have forgotten their roots. the people that were down to earth understood that there was more to life than money. when they came into it didn’t forget who their friends were. over night new school republican’s, hey guess what, you are still not part of the top 1% ,the party hates you. they aren’t looking out for you, they view you as the problem with this world, you are just a number to them. their views on god does not qualify them to run this country. get over it.

basic traffic rules, use your fucking blinker, if you are going to change lanes, if you are going to make a turn how hard is ti to let me know, the person behind you….yeah me! and really look at the goddamn speed signs, they post them for a reason, there is no reason to do 75 in a 35 just like there is no reason to do 30 in a 45 get in the RIGHT LANE!!!! and for the love of everything you believe in do NOT ride my ass, i’m doing the speed limit maybe even 5 miles over, there is no reason for you to ride my ass, yeah you PA tags you are whom i’m speaking about!

other mom’s, you are not the best mother to hit the earth. i’m sure you do things wrong. if my children are acting up here’s a little fun fact, THEY ARE CHILDREN! they test boundaries i’m sorry i don’t have a boring ass child such as your own. yes mine whine, they fight, they scream, they don’t listen, THEY ARE ALL BOYS under the age of 10. and don’t look at me just because i’m younger than you, don’t throw daggers at me from your crows feet eyes. and please don’t offer me advice because i got this, if you are not my family or my friend i don’t care what you have to say.

capitalism aka fascism. do i need to say more, can anyone truly disagree. i’d like to see you try, really try, i dare you! i’m so sick of old men in this country, in our government who can’t accept change, why are we voting these assholes into office, and why are these assholes allowed to vote. for everyone of you assholes who truly believe socialism is communism, go kill yourself because you are too stupid to live. capitalism/fascism IS the new communism.

this will be my last rant for a while, but i can’t make that guarantee. i’m a pretty angry person for the most part but i’m also the one who give you her last shirt if you are in need. Just quit being stupid american and we’ll get along just fine.



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